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All About Spray-On Liners You can do a truck bed liner spray professionally. Somewhere in your area, you could just find a franchise of industrial coatings. You could find truck bed liners around your area that has great looks, good quality and durable. However, you could apply truck bed liner spray by yourself, in case you might be wondering. Furnishing with modern polyurethane finishes are what some companies would be doing for you to be able to apply your own finish. You could have the finish applied that would match the appearance of the applied finish done professionally. For your application, the durability might also be sufficient. You could really use the money for savings, and that is the best part in this. Below are some of the materials for the application of truck bed liner spray.
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First, you would need a bed liner coating, that would a little less than two gallons and that would cover less than ten foot bed. Up to more than three gallons are being used by a professional spray, so it would be better if there will be more.
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Next is the spray equipment which would include the nozzle size and type that is suggested by the maker of the coating. Next would be the one quart of xylene or acetone for the degreasing. You should also have some protective gloves and keep in mind that only on the area that is well-ventilated is where you are supposed to use this. The fourth one that you should have is a paper and a masking tape. When you are spraying, it is very important that you are masking well. Mask everything that you do not want to be painted since these materials would be somewhat hard to remove. You should also have some abrasive pad or sandpaper in order to scuff the surface of the paint, so now this is the fifth one. Next is you need to have a stirrer or paint mixing attachment, this is necessary for your drill. Then, lastly, you will be needing the proper respirator. For the steps for the truck bed liner, you should read below. First you have to remove the tailgate. Any bolts or hardware that will not be coated must be removed after that. Then go over the bed with the solvents in order for you to remove the grease and wax. After that, sand the area you would coat and then sweep the residuals of the sand. After all that, you must wash the bed and then work on spraying. You can do this with the right materials, but you could also hire experts on polyurea coatings.