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A Brief Overview of the Benefits of Wilderness Therapy Wilderness therapy is a recent innovation in the field of psychotherapy in which emersion in a natural, outdoor setting is used to promote personal growth. In the field of wilderness therapy you will find just as many different approaches to wilderness therapy as there are are therapists that are employing it as a technique. In wilderness therapy, no matter how it is implemented, meeting the challenges of an outdoor environment is used to represent the ability that the client has to make changes in their own lives. Through a wilderness therapy program, clients learn the skills necessary to meet the challenges of life. In a wilderness therapy program, the environment and activities chosen will depend on the needs of the participants. In wilderness therapy, you will can possibly take part in a variety of different activities from gardening and horseback riding to camping and hiking. In traditional therapy, clients discuss their problems and difficulties with qualified therapists. In a wilderness therapy program, you get out of the stressful setting that contributed to your problems and into one that is peaceful and promotes feelings of mindful self-reflection. When young people are removed from the stress and pressure of their regular environment, they can find the personal resources that will help them conquer their problems. Despite the similarities between wilderness therapy and behavioral interventions called ‘teen boot camps’, the fact is that the two are really quite different. While the boot camp setting is usually treated as a one-size-fits-all approach to self improvement, wilderness therapy is usually a much more individualized way of treating the needs of a particular client. In most cases, outdoor therapies and outdoor wilderness therapy centers are meant to serve troubled teens and young adults who are having trouble coping with the rigors and problems in life.
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Because of family problems, peer pressure and excessive performance expectations in school have led many teens and young adults to experience a great deal of anxiety and even clinical depression, as well as a general loss of self esteem. This can lead teens and young adults to take refuge in drug abuse and alcohol abuse. Because of this, teens and young adults are often recommended to take part in wilderness therapy as part of their drug and alcohol rehab program.
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If you are interested in learning more about the benefit of wilderness therapy, the best thing you can do is look up the wilderness therapy programs that are available in your local area. Since there are so many types of wilderness therapy it is important to look online for the different programs that are available in your local area. To get started all you have to do is perform a search engine search for outdoor therapy or wilderness therapy programs in your area. Those who are living in Utah should begin by looking for Utah wilderness therapy programs.