A New Type of Nonstick Pan Seems Set to Dethrone Teflon

Although nonstick frying fans that incorporate Teflon can be pleasant to use, they do come with some real downsides. The coating’s manufacturer, the DuPont corporation, insists that it is completely safe under normal cooking conditions, but many have their doubts. With Teflon beginning to degrade and contaminate the surrounding air at temperatures of only a few hundred degrees Fahrenheit, certain common styles of cooking are ruled out entirely. Likewise will even a bit of damage to a Teflon pan encourage it to leach out into food, raising concerns of other kinds, as well.

Finally, Teflon pans are also simply too finicky for many. Even the best Teflon pans on the market will often last only a few short years, and that is for those cooks who are most careful with them. The prospect of buying a new pan and throwing out an old one strikes many as not just expensive but also wasteful, leading on yet another account to growing demand for a better solution.

In recent years, a number of interesting candidates have cropped up. Likely the most successful and appealing of these are the stone frying pans that combine the nonstick performance of Teflon with a number of significant advantages. Entirely free of the dangerous PFOA and PTFE substances that are still found in many competing pans, for instance, these newcomers put the minds of many informed buyers at ease.

Just as importantly to many more, pans like this simply stand up in far more capable fashion to the ordinary rigors of cooking. Instead of being forced to baby pans in order to help them last more than a year or two, owners can focus more on cooking the kinds of foods that they love. With an extremely hard surface resisting both scratches and wear of more gradual kinds, pans like these make for a much more promising investment.

As a result, interest in such pans has skyrocketed since they first came onto the market. Fume free and long wearing, this style of pan has started to seem like the obvious default choice for many home kitchens. With many amateur chefs only now learning that they even exist, pans like these are likely to become even more common over time.