May 31, 2023


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20 colorful candles to the bring spring vibes into your home

Here is our selection of the most colorful and fun candles of the moment, which, in addition to being feel good decoration objects, impregnate your home with a soft olfactory atmosphere. Enjoy lacquered fruits, pastel sculptures, playful patterns or vibrant candlesticks.

Flame Torta candle, Missoni

Bougie Flame Torta – Missoni

420 €

Missoni via

Strawberry candle, JW Anderson

Une bougie en forme de fraise – JW Anderson

213 €

JW Anderson via

Chandelier candle, Loewe

Une bougie en forme de chandelier – Loewe

85 €

Loewe via

Blue spiral candle, Saunders

Bougie bleue en serpentin – Saunders

140 €

Saunders via

Freesia candle in Murano class, Gucci

Bougie freesia en verre de Murano – Gucci

300 €

Gucci via

Set of striped candlesticks, British Colour Standard

Set de bougies rayées colorées – British Colour Standard

27 £GB

British Colour Standard via

Set of bubble candles, Foam

Set de bougies bubble candle – Foam

30 £GB

Foam via

Pink candle sculpture , Lex Pott

Bougie structurale rose – Lex Pott

25 £GB

Lex Pott via

Geometric candle sculpture, Yod and Co

Bougie structure – Yod and Co

18 £GB

Yod and Co via

Twisted blue candlesticks, Broste

Bougies bleues torsadée – Broste

15 £GB

Broste via

Bitter Peach candle, Tom Ford

Bougie Bitter Peach – Tom Ford

102 €

Tom Ford via

Pastel smiley candle, Wavey Casa

Bougie smiley aux couleurs pastel – Wavey Casa

31 €

Wavey Casa via

Spring 1998 candle, Nette

Bougie Spring 1998 – Nette

62 €

Nette via

Rainbow Bar candle, 19-69

Bougie Rainbow Bar – 19-69

88 €

19-69 via

Flower candle, Janie Korn

Bougie fleur – Janie Korn

80 €

Janie Korn via

Flora Macchia Su Macchia candle, Stories of Italy

Bougie Flora Macchia Su Macchia – Stories of Italy

215 €

Stories of Italy via

Apple candle, Bitossi Home

Bougie en forme de pomme – Bitossi Home

36 €

Bitossi Home via

“Grace” violet candle, Maison La Bougie

Bougie “Grace” violette – Maison La Bougie

50 €

Maison La Bougie via

Set of neon candlesticks, Holm

Set de bougies néons – Holm

Cherry candles, Broste Copenhagen

Bougie en forme de cerises – Broste Copenhagen

19 €

Broste Copenhagen via

Translation by Anissa Agrama

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