5 Things You Should Know When Hiring Exterminators

Dee Yonker

No one wants to deal with pests in his or her home, but you should also be careful when choosing an exterminator to work with. You need to find a service provider who is experienced, uses tools you feel comfortable with, and can fit into your budget. Here are five things you should know when hiring exterminators.

1. Check Exterminators’ Credentials

For example, if you’re interested in a Denver exterminator, check whether that exterminator is a member of any pest control associations in Denver, in the state of Colorado, or at the national level. If that company is, then it’s more likely to be a good fit for your needs. You should check whether the company has a license to operate. You should also check whether the company has the proper licensure to kill certain pests, such as timber pests.

2. Check Reviews And Recommendations

You should always research exterminators and their services before making a decision, but one of the best types of research you can do is find reviews and ask for recommendations. Reviews can help you get a sense of how satisfied previous customers were with the services provided by an exterminator. You can request recommendations from the community via social media or from your friends, family, and neighbors.

3. Understand Your Pest Control Needs

Before you start looking at exterminators, consider your pest control needs. Most pest control requests can be handled by any exterminator, but there are some pests that can require more knowledge and experience than others. For example, if you want general pest control performed, you will likely have a wide variety of options. However, if you find a wasp or hornet nest on your property or if you have a rodent infestation, it’s likely you’ll need to hire a specialist.

4. Request Price Estimates

Price points for exterminator services can vary widely due to how many types of pests there are, how many tools are available to deal with each type of pest and how much variability there is in the size of a job. When you contact an exterminator, one of the first things you should ask for is a price estimate. Discuss your pest problem with the exterminator, learn how the exterminator typically handles similar issues, and ask what the typical cost is for taking care of such an issue. If a price seems too low to be realistic, then it likely is.

5. Get Agreements in Writing

You should always put any agreements you make with your exterminator down in writing, as you would with any type of service or contract work. Carefully review the exterminator’s terms and conditions and whatever other information is included in the contract. Do not sign anything until you’re sure you understand the contract and what responsibilities you and the exterminator have.

Always carefully research and consider your options when you want to hire an exterminator. Look for ones that have experience in the type of pest control you need and that you think will work well with you.

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