June 24, 2024


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9 ways to keep your room stuffy and hot

9 ways to keep your room stuffy and hot

9 ways to keep your room stuffy and hot

Limited space is often a problem for many people. Especially for boarding children, the size of the room is narrow, making the occupants have to be able to get around so that the room is not stuffy and hot.

Because, not all are built with good planning, such as having ventilation openings for air circulation, and having large windows as natural lighting in the room.

Even if you want to live in a more decent boarding house, then you can be sure that the rental price for the boarding room will be more expensive than the usual boarding room.

Even so, there are actually some easy and inexpensive ways you can do so that your room is not stuffy and feels more comfortable.

Curious? Check out the full description below.

As I mentioned earlier, a lot of boarding rooms that are built are not equipped with windows that look out.

Even if there is, the average window is right next to the bedroom door and the direction is towards the corridor of the boarding house, not out of the room.


1. Use the Exhaust Fan as an Air Vent

This makes the air exchange in the room less efficient so that it feels crowded.

So that the room is not stuffy, add an exhaust fan to the ceiling of the room. It doesn’t need to be expensive, how come there are exhaust fans that are sold at a price of Rp130 ​​thousand on the market.

If not, use a fan and place it near the bedroom window at night.

This is intended so that circulation in the room becomes smoother and helps the movement of air when there is no wind. If you are afraid of expensive electricity costs then use a solar air cooler, because it does not use electricity but uses solar energy.


2. Choose the Right Furniture

Renting a boarding house is different from renting a rented house. If you live in a boarding room, all you get is a bedroom.

However, if you rent a rented house, what you get is all the rooms in the house.

Therefore, the room space in the boarding room is definitely more limited.

Use simple furniture, and avoid using textured and patterned furniture materials. The reason is, the furniture will fill the room space and narrow the space for movement.

Therefore, so that the room is not stuffy and looks crowded, choose furniture with a minimalist and simple design.

3. Don’t Put Too Much Stuff

Limited space in boarding rooms makes people place all their furniture in the room.

In fact, the more furniture you pile up in your boarding room, the more stuffy and stuffy the room will be.

Therefore, so that the room is not stuffy and hot, sort the items that you really need to be placed in the room space.

If there are items that are not really important, you can leave them at the boarding house (if you have one), donate them, or even sell them.

Not bad, rather than being stored and dusty, you better cash these things.


4. Use the Wall Bookshelf

Students usually have a lot of textbooks, right? Instead of you piling it up irregularly, it’s better to place your books on a wall bookshelf or wall bookshelf.

That way, your books will not be scattered on the floor, and make the room tidier and more spacious.

Because, the use of wall shelves serves to take advantage of the empty space on the walls of the room.

In addition, so that the room is not stuffy, you can also place all the other knick-knacks on the wall shelf.


5. Using a small lamp

The next way so that the room is not stuffy and hot is to minimize the use of lights in boarding rooms.

Using too many lights makes the room feel hotter, so turn off the lights during the day.

If it feels dark, open the door to your room as wide as possible, so that light from outside can enter the room. it doesn’t feel hot.

So that the room is not stuffy and hot, then point the fan facing the wall opposite the bed and sit down, so that the air circulation released by the fan is better.


6. Adjust the location of the fan

The fan is indeed a solution for those of you who want to have air conditioning, but have a limited budget to buy an air conditioner.

However, have you ever felt that the fan you use actually gives off hot air rather than cools the room?

This happens because you put the fan wrong. The fan itself actually only reduces the temperature in the room.

If your room feels hot, then the wind generated by the fan is fine. You can also see this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lN0A4-Mk6KY

7. Assemble Artificial Air Conditioning As Air Conditioning

Besides placing the fan in the right way, you can also use the fan as an artificial air conditioner.

How to make it quite easy, the items you need are also easy to find, such as a fan, raffia rope, 2 used plastic bottles, a cutter, nails, and some ice cubes.


After preparing all the items needed to assemble an artificial air conditioner, it’s time for you to know the steps in making the DIY air conditioner:

  • Cut as much as 3/4 of the bottom of the bottle using a cutter;
  • Next, make holes in the center of the bottle body using nails;
  • If so, tie the bottle upside down to the fan motor using a rope, insert the rope into one of the bottle holes, then tie it between the fans;
  • When it is neatly installed, put enough ice cubes (not to exceed the limit of the holes in the bottle) through the bottom of the bottle that was cut; and
  • When the ice runs out, refill the container with new ice cubes.
  • Even though it is made with very simple materials and methods, this fan is proven to be effective as a way to keep the room from being stuffy and hot.


8. Change the paint of the bedroom walls to white and cool colors

Although white has the potential to get dirty faster than other colors, the use of white paint in a narrow room will make the room appear more spacious and spacious.

So that the room is not stuffy and feels cooler, also use color groups that can give a cool impression to the room, such as light green, light blue, Tosca, and so on.

If necessary, also match the color of the furniture with the color of the walls of the room. So, not only does it give a more comfortable impression, your room design will also look more beautiful.

9. Place Greens in the Room

The use of green plants can indeed give a cool and beautiful impression in a narrow room, such as a boarding room.

However, you also can’t just choose the plants to be placed in your room. Choose small or medium sized plants, whose pots will not fill the room space.

Do not let the good intention so that the room is not stuffy, the opposite happens, because you are wrong in choosing the plants you want to keep in the room.

In addition, keep in mind too, because at night the plants will release carbon dioxide, which is harmful to human health, so remove the plant before you sleep.

After reading the description above, you certainly understand, how do you get around the room so that it is not stuffy and hot?

Not only boarding rooms, you can also apply the methods above to your private room at home.

If necessary, replace the room lighting with small wattage lamps, or with chili lamps (tumblr lights) as lighting at night.

In addition to preventing the room from being stuffy and hot, the use of small wattage lamps can save daily electricity usage. So, your electricity bill will feel cheaper.

In fact, the use of tumblr lights can also be used as cool room decorations, you know.