June 24, 2024


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A Security Safe for a Renovation Project

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The demand and popularity of renovation projects continues too never slow down. Throughout the UK there are numerous companies that specialise in high end renovation projects. Customers prefer to have the work completed with everything included such as a safe.

Safes integrated into the Design

Interior design companies will speak to their clients and ask on their requirements for the project. They will recommend designs and finishes along with any additional add Ons that they might be interested in. Security safes are very popular in the current market with the expansion of safes that are more fitting in modern homes.

Local Installer or Contractor Work

Professional safe installers are available for all the safes in our range. You may also prefer to have a safe positioned and installed by the contractors that are completing the renovation in your property.

Before Placing an Order of a Safe

The choosing and purchasing of a safe will more than likely be a one-time purchase and isn’t one that is bought on a regular basis.

It is important to speak to your contractor or an installer through us prior to buying a safe. This is so that you know on the final location of the safe and the maximum dimensions that you have to work with.

Final Considerations

Dimensions – As mentioned above, please work out the measurements so that you can guarantee that the safe chosen will fit in the final location. Each safe has the external and internal dimensions provided on the specification sheet. *Please also note that each safe will have additional depth for handles and locks.*

Weight – The factor of the weight will need to be considered as you might be placing a safe inside a cabinet or wardrobe. The area might not be able to hold the weight of the safe so please double check on this.

Locking Type – Choosing the locking type from the options such as key, electronic or a combination lock is the final decision we recommend. As this is a personal decision for any client, an electronic lock will allow regular access to the safe for numerous family members or employees. Whilst a key will be required to be hidden away and can also be lost easily.