A Shenzen Office Balances An Industrial Setting Against Futuristic Forms – Azure Magazine

Dee Yonker

The Shenzhen headquarters of Yeahka, a Chinese company specializing in point-of-sale technology, epitomizes the workspace of the future, where layouts promote high levels of transparency and connectivity. Its most daring architectural gestures: five glass-walled meeting rooms suspended in mid-air that evoke scenes from a sci-fi movie and a dramatic black staircase that both links the office’s tiers and serves as its visual anchor.

Conceived by JSPA Design — a Beijing-based architecture, interior, landscape and product design studio founded by French architects Johan Sarvan and Florent Buis — the 6,000-square-metre office occupies the fifth, sixth and seventh floors of Kexing Science Park, a commercial building erected in 2012 in…

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