April 19, 2024


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Bottom Freezer Refrigerator: The best your money can buy

For decades, the top freezer dominated the consumer market despite having serious design flaws. Bottom Freezer fridge has changed all that. If you’re looking to replace your old model or are in the market looking to buy your first refrigerator, you absolutely need to read this before jumping the gun.

First of all, let’s clear up the difference between a top freezer and a bottom freezer.

What is a bottom freezer fridge?

A bottom freezer fridge has the freezer at the bottom of the fridge. This is the major difference between a top and bottom freezer. This design was inspired because of consumers.

Usually the freezer is the least accessed compartment, yet it is right on top. The other trays and compartments such as fruits and vegetables basket are all the way at the bottom forcing you to bend down and strain your back. It may not be a problem for everyone but it is definitely an inconvenience. Bottom freezer refrigerators fixed this problem by simply placing the freezer at the bottom.

Here’s why you should buy the bottom freezer

  • No need to strain your back: This is a key point in the bottom freezers. Your everyday items are right at your eye level and you do not need to hunch or bend to get to the food.
  • Built-in Organizers: Most top freezers are just wide open with little to no organizers. Bottom freezers come with a multitude of compartments where you can stow away everything neatly.
  • Has a ton of space: The bottom freezer is designed in a way that allows you to fit extra large containers or items very easily. If the bottom freezer has an ice-maker, it stays up top freeing up even more space in the freezer at the bottom. The new designs have adjustable trays so that consumers can customize them according to their convenience
  • Temperature can be varied: A lot of bottom freezers have a pull out tray to store snacks that you eat frequently. This pull out tray can be customized to have a different temperature than the rest of the fridge.
  • Compact: The bottom freezers are way more compact than a double door refrigeratoror side by side fridge. You can fit in a bottom freezer in a tiny space without any issues.
  • Refrigerator price: Bottom freezers cost more than top freezer but less than a double door refrigerator It may seem like a lot to pay for a fridge but it is absolutely worth every rupee.
  • Kid friendly: With top freezer fridges, it is nearly impossible for a child to reach the freezer. In case of an emergency where ice is needed or if children just want frozen treats, it makes much more sense to have the freezer at the bottom where they can easily access it.

Bottom freezers are for people who embrace new technology and want their lives to be much more convenient. While the cost may be a con for some, it can be considered as an excellent investment for one’s future.