Cedarburg family goes all-out for Christmas, with 10 trees and 38 St. Nicks

Dee Yonker

Nearly every inch of every flat surface in Marsha Williams’ Cedarburg home has holiday accents on it. Large portions of the floors and the walls are filled, too.

In the family room the fireplace has a large nativity scene with garland and candles, a collection of holiday related Precious Moments, Christmas stockings and St. Nick figurines. The coffee table has bowls of ornaments, a St. Nick, glass Christmas trees and a gold poinsettia, and each of the side tables is topped with Christmas bling.

A cuddly St. Nick sits on the back of the sofa, there’s a large Christmas tree filled with antique ornaments, and chairs are cozily stuffed with holiday pillows. St. Nick figurines stand at attention throughout the room, there are holiday accent pieces on the walls, and garland at nearly every turn.

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