April 19, 2024


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Create a Family Room that is Beautiful and Functional

The family room is one of the more difficult rooms to decorate within your home. You want it to be a beautiful space that you will feel comfortable inviting friends and family into. It also needs to be comfortable enough that you look forward to resting there at the end of a busy day. Most importantly, it needs to be a space that you can keep clean easily due to all of the traffic it will need to handle. Use the following suggestions to achieve all of these goals.

The Walls and Floors

You will want to choose a wall covering that makes you happy. Whether choosing wallpaper or a paint color, look for bright colors to lift your spirits. Darker shades will create a cozy atmosphere, and neutral tones allow you more freedom to change the decor later on. Continue the same style for the floor coverings. For an easy to clean option, consider using vinyl flooring in Orlando, FL.

The Furniture

The furniture will be some of the largest items you place within your family room, but be careful not to buy something that is the wrong size. Large pieces will make a small room feel cramped and overcrowded. Smaller furniture items will get lost in large rooms. Measure carefully before shopping for sofas, chairs, or sectionals. Choose surfaces that can easily be spot cleaned.

The Accessories

The accessories are the items that will bring your personality to life in your family room. Look for wall art, knick-knacks, and lighting fixtures that suit your individual tastes. Use throw rugs to soften laminate floors, and use window treatments that provide privacy as well as beauty. Don’t forget to include family photos too.

Once you have implemented these suggestions into your family room design, you will have a space that is both beautiful and functional. Best of all, it will continue to look amazing because of the durable and easy to clean materials and decor you have selected.