July 17, 2024


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Don’t Let Weed and Algae Get in the Way!

Don’t Let Weed and Algae Get in the Way!

That Nasty Feeling

It’s a common experience. Swimming in a lake or pond and enjoying the coolness of the water after a long day in the sun, when suddenly, you feel it. That little tickle against your leg that doesn’t quite feel human or aquatic. Immediately, images of tentacles or some creepy lake monster that normally dwells in the deepest part of the lake come to mind. A brief struggle or a start may occur until you look down and realize that it’s simply a tendril of a weed tickling your ankle. Let’s be honest. Weeds are annoying. More than that, they can sometimes become a downright pest. Weeds can not only interfere with fishing and watersports, but they can actually sometimes harm the wildlife living in the lake, too.

Protect Your Lake

Finding a way to dispose of weeds can be difficult. While there are companies out there who can provide you with service, not all of them can be trusted. Extra care needs to be taken to ensure that the wildlife in the lake, as well as other plant species, aren’t affected by the measures taken to remove the weeds. Because of this extra stipulation and care, you need to make sure that you are finding a service who places a safety above anything else. One such company is The Lake Doctors which specializes in aquatic weed removal. They possess top-quality materials as well as specialized equipment to treat the lake whilst affecting fish, other plant life, and other wildlife in the process. In addition, they can provide you with algae treatment so that your lake isn’t unsightly.

Whether you need your lake up and running for watersports or fishing, or you simply want the most aesthetically pleasing lake you can muster, The Lake Doctors can help you. With their emphasis on safety and quality, you can rest easy knowing that your lake will not only look amazing, but you are also doing your part in keeping the environment safe and healthy for all.