July 15, 2024


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Five Ways to Make Sure Your Company Gets Noticed With Crypto PR

Five Ways to Make Sure Your Company Gets Noticed With Crypto PR

With over 6,000 different types of cryptocurrency available in the market today, it’s important to have a plan when it comes to generating press. Blockchain technology start-ups find it difficult to gain trust from people, but with crypto PR, there are several things you can do to make sure your company gets noticed. Listed below are five ways to do just that. And don’t forget to check out the crypto PR tools that ICODA offers.

Firstly, make sure your articles are short and to the point. A ten-thousand-word article won’t belong on a news website, because they’re too long. But an in-depth article that includes a lot of details is likely to get shares and backlinks. Secondly, keep in mind that in the modern world, most people don’t read articles in their entirety. They skim the content first, looking for essential parts of the article, like images or links. This is why a crypto PR agency’s campaigns focus on keeping readers as long as possible.

A specialist crypto PR firm will work closely with media outlets and blockchain reporters, securing brand coverage on popular podcasts and attracting media attention for the launch of new products. They will also promote brands in reputable crypto publications by publishing full-featured articles, interviews, quotes, and other content pieces. The featured content pieces of these publications will be distributed on mainstream outlets as part of a PR campaign. The goal of crypto PR is to make sure that your brand stays at the forefront of people’s minds and remains competitive in this market.

One of the biggest challenges of a crypto PR campaign is dealing with the press. Usually, a press release is written by the company, but if there’s a newsworthy event happening, you’ll need to respond quickly. This is a time when journalists want to know how to respond publicly. It’s critical to have the right information at the right time to help your client gain exposure. The PR agency’s expertise can get you a great deal of press coverage, so make sure you have a solid story.

Other companies that specialize in blockchain PR include Luna PR, a company based in Silicon Valley. This company works with emerging tech brands to rebrand and launch new products. It also offers social media strategy and sponsored content to improve brand awareness. You can also find a crypto PR agency in Silicon Valley called Melrose PR. It specializes in thought leadership and press relations for blockchain and crypto brands. In addition to helping these brands create a buzz online, Melrose PR will also help them land a press interview with leading crypto media outlets.

When choosing a crypto PR agency, look at some of the companies they’ve worked with in the past. Listed below are the top dozen blockchain businesses: exchanges, blockchains, and protocols. Make sure to reach out to those companies and ask them about their experience with the PR agency. Additionally, ask if the PR agency regularly places brands in tier one crypto publications. A top-tier crypto PR agency will have a long history of working with these companies.