June 17, 2024


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Japanese construction firm aims for seaweed bed restoration

A Japanese building corporation has occur up with a way to cultivate significant amounts of marine crops that can take in carbon dioxide in the ocean.

Kajima states it has developed a technologies to artificially develop massive amounts of seaweed that improve in waters around Japan.

The company states it has been equipped to reproduce a one seaweed algae mobile hundreds of occasions and then successfully planted the seedlings in waters off a town south of Tokyo.

Carbon sequestration in coastal ecosystems, recognized as “blue carbon,” is attracting consideration as a way to contribute to decarbonization.

Japan has noticed a decline of its offshore seaweed beds because of land reclamation and warmer ocean temperatures.

A researcher at Kajima, Yamaki Katsunori says “We’re a development enterprise. That signifies we have to be eco-pleasant when we do our work. Blue carbon is a person way for us to make a contribution.”

Kajima says it intends to function with fisheries cooperatives and nonprofit corporations to rehabilitate the seaweed beds based mostly on their analysis.