March 5, 2024


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Moving, Packing and Relocation in Los Angeles, California

If you are relocating to California, specifically in Los Angeles, you may want to do your due diligence to research all the details regarding moving to L.A first. Find out some essential information about the place you are planning to relocate in.

California is many things, but one of the things you should not do when transferring there is to go without a plan. People relocating to California don’t just move on a whim. People have individual goals in mind; expectations met and dreamed of achieving. If you are thinking of making a move, you are not alone.

A lot of hopefuls eventually end up living there that is why the populations of cities in California, for example, Los Angeles, are a lot larger than other cities, even other states in the country combined. In 2018 alone, more or less 100,000 people packed their bags, hire the best movers, Long Beach, Los Angeles, or San Francisco can offer, and make the relocation to Los Angeles.

Maybe you are wishfully thinking of moving to cities like Los Angeles without a job waiting for them, or perhaps you and your family are looking for a warmer place to live in and get away from the punishing winter on the east coast. Believe it or not, California, Los Angeles in general, is a happy place for people from all walks of life, regardless of race, social status, job title, marital status, or age.

The city of angels has so much to offer not just glitz and glamour, as long as you are willing to sacrifice along the way. However, despite good intentions, earning a living in Los Angeles is very difficult for different reasons. A lot of people move there with hopes that they can earn a lot of money and make it big time, only to move back home after a year or two.

Do not make the same mistake as they. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of moving to California, specifically Los Angeles, and give you an idea of what it is like to live in the city of glitz and glamour, the city of Angels.

Neighborhoods in Los Angeles are spread apart

Choosing a neighborhood in Los Angeles to live in is a pretty big deal, both in the number of residents as well as the geographical size. To put it in perspective, there are at least four million residents that live in over 500 square miles. The size of the metropolis makes it a little difficult to understand and to know the neighborhoods if you are looking to start a new life. So, how can you pick the best community?

Sometimes, it is as simple as selecting the place where someone you knew lived, whether it is your friend, family, or co-worker. Because traffic jams in big cities are sometimes intolerable, sometimes, people choose a place to live in and stick to it, whether it is a good neighborhood or not. It means that after a long commute from work, people tend to stay in their neighborhoods if they want to meet their friends or families for a social gathering.

Transportation is challenging during rush hours

What can people relocating to Los Angeles expect when they move to the city? Living in California, especially Los Angeles is not without its sacrifices. Traffic jams during rush hour can be enough to discourage people from moving to big cities like Los Angeles, but the big question is, is it as bad as everyone says?

According to Inrix Traffic, a next-generation navigation and traffic application, Los Angeles was ranked the number one city with the worst traffic jam across 40 different countries. Inrix estimated that Los Angeles natives spend more or less 100 hours every year in traffic jams.

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Unfortunately for people living in big cities like Los Angeles, the problem with traffic will not clear up anytime soon. Because the neighborhoods are so spread out and public transportations like buses or public trains can’t reach the suburbs, owning a car in California is a must.

High paying jobs in L.A are very competitive

Finding a job in California or Los Angeles is very tricky if you do not know where to look for. Though a lot of people associated Los Angeles with careers related to Hollywood, the city is one if not the largest manufacturing city in the United States. You can find jobs related to manufacturing industries like automobiles, apparel, electronics, or steel.

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LA has also become the mecca for businesses related to technology. In 2015, more than 610,000 people were working in professional services and technology industry, with more positions expecting to be created in the next years to come. If looking for a job in listings is getting tiresome because it is very competitive, you need to consider using staffing agencies to find employment.

These agencies will help you improve your skills that are required in order to get high paying jobs. You have to find a job in fields that will pay the most based on the skills you have. You need to think of your survival first and work your way up to your dream job.