Preparing your Perth garden for Winter!

Dee Yonker

Building a Vegetable Garden in WA (Your Complete In-Depth Guide)

Winter is on its way! For most of us here in Perth, the darker days and rainy nights are a welcome break from the spicy summer heat. 

The colder months may be a bit slower for us, but for Perth gardens, winter is a time of big growth and change. 

But what does this change in season mean for your plants? What extra work needs to be done?

We’ve got you covered in this Perth winter garden guide.

Winter is coming. How to prepare? 

Come late May, early June things around your garden will already look significantly different. Deciduous trees will be shedding leaves all over the place, green grasses and Nasturtiums will start popping up, it’s good to know what to expect from your garden each year so you can be ready. Here are some typical wintery things to prepare for: 

Prepare for winter storms 

The colder months are no stranger to wild storms and gales that can damage new growth and tear down branches. Be prepared to do some clearing up over the winter, and take care to tie up young fragile plants and trees, and do some pruning while you’re at it. 

Prepare for piles of leaves 

If you’ve got deciduous trees in or anywhere near your garden, prepare to spend a good hour or two clearing these up as winter approaches. Sometimes it’s the neighbour’s tree, sometimes it’s you. Either way, make sure leaves aren’t blocking your precious seedlings’ access to sunlight. 

Prepare for less sunlight 

If you’ve recently relocated, or done some renovations, your garden may not receive as much sun as you think during the winter months. Aside from increased cloud cover, the sun has a lower trajectory, meaning some parts of your garden may not receive as much sunlight. You may want to organise your plants accordingly. 

Prepare for heavy rain

A good dose of winter weather is exactly what every Perth garden needs, but too much in one go can also be harmful to your plants. Make sure your drainage systems are fully functioning to avoid flooding out your plants. 

Wetter. Colder. What does this mean for my garden?

Winter happens every year, (duh), but what exactly does this mean for your garden?

Expect rapid growth 

First up, plants are going to grow way faster. You’re going to want to avoid some plants from literally strangling others as they gather steam after the first really rainy week. 

Weeds, weeds, and more weeds

The inevitable winter curse is the exponential growth of weeds in places you wouldn’t even imagine could harbour life (think gutters, rooftops, and if you’re unlucky, all the way down your driveway). To stave of this invasion make sure to:

  • Keep your mulch levels topped up – that way you deprive weeds of the light and oxygen they need to grow. 
  • Keep your garden healthy and robust by selectively distributing fertiliser to those plants you do want to keep around.

What does winter mean for my lawn?

Grass areas and lawns usually calm down their growth throughout the winter due to colder temperatures. But this doesn’t mean that the weeds will obey that rule. You’ll find you probably spend less time mowing the lawn perth, which is normal – just make sure you’re really getting rid of the weeds which take up the nutrients your grass needs. 

Adjust your reticulation 

Perth winters usually experience around 500mm of rain over the winter months compared to a meagre 31mm over the entire summer period. You’re going to want to adjust for that. 

In most cases, shutting off your reticulation system altogether is a totally normal response, but this depends on your garden’s exposure. 

Reducing run times and adjusting the distribution to account for increased rainfall won’t just help your plants, it’ll also save you big time. 

Level up with a winter veggie patch 

There’s something so wholesome about gathering fresh veggies from your home garden for a homemade soup or stew. Whether you’re looking for a DIY project for the holidays or hoping to be more self-sufficient, building your own edible garden for the winter is a top idea. If you need help getting started or searching for inspo – reach out to your local Perth Landscapers

Choose your plants carefully 

Winter is a great time to build up and diversify your Perth garden. But make sure you’re doing this with the cooler temperatures in mind. Here are some top picks for winter planting:

  • Grevilleas
  • Banksias
  • Acacias
  • Geraldton Wax
  • Wattles
  • Hakeas
  • Tulips
  • Astors

Shhh. Our secret winter tip:

Towards the end of winter, you’ll also find that many Perth nurseries will start stocking annuals and plants for the spring – so don’t forget to get in before the big rush. 

Finally, get that landscaping job done 

Sorting out your landscaping project before it gets positively wintry is a smart action plan. That way your plants have the maximum rainfall and then the warmer spring to really get cracking. Need a helping hand to fast-track your dreamy winter garden project? Get on a call with your local Perth Landscapers before the cold sets in. 

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