July 13, 2024


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Real Estate Development – More Than A Design

Understanding market trends is key when developing any kind of real estate. Forecasting potential customers’ needs and expectations, and finding the right property are all variables that development and investment companies must account for. Pivotal’s twenty five years of experience has allowed them to gain the knowledge and relationships needed to complete these tasks. Developing real estate is a large segment of their group, and Pivotal has high expectations for all of their real estate developments. Their involvement throughout the western region of America has allowed them to research the western culture and learn the trends. This helps Pivotal predict customer expectations, and allows them to align their expectations to match their customer’s demands.

The landscape in western America includes every type of climate that America offers. Pivotal has developed real estate in the mountains of Colorado and in the dessert of Arizona. Every type of property presents its own challenges and rewards that development groups must utilize when planning real estate developments.

High rise residential and commercial condominiums have become the recent trend in major cities. The reverse suburban sprawl is underway and Pivotal is capitalizing on this trend. Camelback Esplanade is a Mix Use development that contains commercial offices and residential condominiums. These types of developments are starting to emerge and Pivotal is taking part in designing and developing this type of real estate. Gaining experience in emerging markets will allow Pivotal to raise customer expectations.

Pivotal’s ability to develop real estate in prominent areas allows them to be successful in saturated markets. This gives Pivotal a huge advantage over customers because they are able to provide specialized properties that exceed competitor products. Cimarron Hills in Georgetown, Texas is an example of successfully developing real estate in a saturated market. The suburban area surrounding Austin contains many high class residential communities. All of these communities offer residents with amenities such as schools, hospitals, and retail stores. Pivotal was able to purchase ranch land outside of Austin and build a master planned community that offered customers Hill Country living twenty minutes from down town. These luxurious homes are accompanied with a resort style spa and wellness center and championship Jack Nicklaus Golf Course. This type of specialization is what separates master planned communities from residential communities, and has allowed Pivotal to develop these communities in saturated markets.

Areas like Phoenix and Los Angeles are full of resorts and condominiums, yet Pivotal has been able to develop and restore properties in these areas for over twenty five years.

Real Estate development includes more that just designing and building commercial and residential properties. It has evolved into pinpointing attractive properties and forecasting potential customer demands. These expectations must be met by development companies in order for a real estate site to succeed. Pivotal has succeeded in developing these types of real estate sites all over the western region of America.