May 26, 2024


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Reasons to Install Skylights

Installing skylights can be a very good idea as it allows natural light to enter inside your house. However, different people have different reasons for installing skylights. Glance through some of the reasons.

  • Everything looks better in Daylight: As skylights provide natural and balanced light from above, the colours within your house appear more realistic. Windows can provide daylight that can be either very bright or dull depending on the time of the day. However, skylights can provide balanced daylight that even fills at the remote corners of the room.
  • Creates Healthier Environment: No one would like to smell the food of last night. Nor would they like to breathe the chemicals released by paint, carpet, and upholstered furniture that decorate modern homes.
  • Reduces Dependency on Air Conditioning: When you can keep the skylights within the house open, you could use them to allow cool and fresh air to come inside rather than turning on the air conditioner. Skylights provide a chimney effect when they are opened when compared to windows placed on the lower levels. Hot air goes up naturally and passes out of the skylights. When it is cooler, fresh air is pulled in through lower-level windows.
  • Provides Daylight without Invading Privacy: If the homes are built together with windows in bedrooms, bathrooms, and so on, you need to have drapes that should be pulled shut. If you have skylights installed, you need not fear any prying eyes.
  • Skylights with Blinds Provides Added Control: Modern skylights such as the Velux skylights come with blinds or shades that allow the homeowners to block or diffuse the light during certain times of the day. Velux indoor climate control feature is a sensor-based control system that can easily monitor the climate inside the house and use local weather data to adjust the ventilation.
  • Natural Light helps in Performing Everyday Tasks: If natural light enters the house, you need not turn on the lights inside the house to carry out your routine tasks. Natural light from above provides a balanced and soft light that is ideal for eyes of all ages.
  • Kitchen Skylights Free Up Space for Additional Cabinets: Lack of storage can be a common issue in almost all kitchens. With skylights, you would get natural and fresh air in the kitchen. This leaves out more space on the walls so that you could add additional storage spaces in the kitchen.
  • Roof Windows Adds Light to Rooms on Upper Floors: If you need more lighting on rooms located on upper floors, adding roof windows would solve the issue. Skylights or roof windows can allow more natural light and brightness within the room, making the room look more pleasant and positive.
  • Velux Skylights are the Best! Velux skylights are one of a kind as they come with a rain sensor that can easily sense and automatically close the skylights at the first sign of rain. They get installed with three different layers for weather protection. The first one is Pre-installed deck seal, the second one – all-weather underlayment, and the third protective element -engineered step flashing. All of this can prevent water from entering your home.