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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of us have been forced to stay at home over the last two years. With a lot of time on our hands, many people started to try new activities such as completing DIY projects. Whether that be home renovations or smaller DIY tasks, the pandemic has proved to be the perfect setting for most things DIY.  This article will outline the UK’s Most Do It Yourself cities, and discuss the best DIY trends you need to keep an eye on and try for yourself.

According to research by Brandon Hire Station, London is the most ‘Do it Yourself’ city in the UK. Being home to the most homeware stores in the UK, it’s no surprise that London takes the top spot. However, London came out on top with the most online interest in DIY trends in comparison to any other location in the UK. Other cities ranking fairly high in regards to DIY tasks include Birmingham, Manchester, Belfast and Sheffield. On the other hand, Portsmouth is the least DIY-friendly city- a factor influencing this is its lack of homeware stores.

Best DIY Trends

the UK’s most Do It Yourself city, revealed

Wall Panelling

Wall panelling has become much more popular over recent years, having become a lot more sustainable and easier to DIY. Wall panels can help add to the natural shape of a room, enhance space, and even insulate and protect your walls.

Garden Bars

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, garden bars started to gain an increase in popularity; the lockdowns were crucial for the DIY outdoor bar trend. Whether you want to transform your garden shed into a bar or create a tropical garden hut, garden bars can be a great way to bring your family and friends together.

Pallet Furniture

Repurposing or recycling wooden pallets into furniture is also an increasingly popular DIY trend. Repurposing your pallets is an extremely beneficial method of DIY in terms of cost and practicality, with various purposes of experimentation. Your wooden pallets can be used to craft: tables, chairs, loungers, sofas, beds, swings, decking, etc.

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