April 23, 2024


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Use of pine wood in various countries

As a disaster-prone country, it is appropriate that other countries imitate the State of Japan. The framework of house building in Japan is mostly made of wood. The wood was chosen lightweight but strong. Similarly, the floor, walls and roof. The walls of Japanese houses are generally made of wood partitions. Both in the form of playwood, and MDF (Midle Density Fiber). While the gamelina is native to India. For more information you can visit Painted Pine Cladding.

The wood of these four plants is very soft and the strength level is low. Until it fits only for partitions. The soft wood is cut with the size of 50 cm X 5 cm X 3 cm. Once it is laid out each other cross, given the adhesive and pressed while being partitioned. Strong wood for the skeleton of the building, generally have a fairly heavy weight. Wood that is strong enough, but very light is Pine (Ochroma lagopus, or O. pyramidale). During this Pineis considered as the lightest wood in the world, with weights only 100 sd. 200 kg. Per m3, (BJ 0.2). This assumption is not exactly right. Because the weight of wood, kapok and pulai can be the same even lighter than Pine. But Pineis the most powerful light wood in the world.

Pineplants are from Tropical America. In Ecuador Pineis called boya which means buoy. The name Pineitself comes from the Spanish language, meaning raft. Because Pinewood is a raft material ever used by the Polynesians to migrate. This theory was first thrown by Thor Heyerdahl, a Norwedia archeologist born in 1914. To prove his theory, in 1947 Heyerdahl made a replica of an ancient raft of Pinewood called Kon-Tiki. Heyerdahl managed to wade through the Pacific as far as 8,000 km. For 101 days, from the Raroia Atoll to the Tuamotu archipelago.Because it is very lightweight, easy to cut, cut and shaped, balsa wood is widely used for board surfing materials (canvas), canoes, buoys, table tennis rackets and aeromodeling sport.So our article about Painted Pine Claddinghopefully can be useful