March 5, 2024


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Why Handcrafted Persian Rugs are a Great Investment

Handmade Persian rugs are not considered cheap, but it’s due to the overall beauty they offer and how long they are known to last. The extra dollars you spend to ensure you are getting a genuine handmade version is worthwhile when you take the benefits into account.

Handcrafted Persian Rugs Retain Their Value

Unlike cheap, department store quality rugs, handmade Persian rugs will retain the value of the money you spend. The rug will look as great ten years from now with the basics of care. A true, handcrafted Persian rug will still prove to be a decorative item in high demand long after it’s first made.

Long-Lasting Rug Product

Handcrafted Persian rugs are created using 100 percent wool and dyes that do not fade over time. You will get a rug that does not fray apart and retains all of the beautiful colors you enjoy from day one. Imagine being able to keep and use the same rug for years and have it retain its new look.

Pet-Friendly and Easy to Clean

The wool used to construct the handmade Persian rugs is a durable product that can withstand heavy use and is considered extremely pet-friendly. It will not shed material and can be vacuumed daily. You can choose a thicker rug that gives you all the comfort you need for your feet.

A Real Work of Art

The delicate attention to detailed design on Persian rugs make them a real piece of art you’ll be proud to display in your home. Many people opt to use them for wall hangings, rather than place them on the floor.

Knock-off Persian rugs will not have the colorful brilliance or lasting power of a truly handcrafted rug. Choose one that’s made in Persia by the people that know how to make them to last.