December 2, 2022


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Minecraft ocean bases are a fragile harmony of slick design and style and looming disaster

Scrambling about trying to make a foundation is constantly the maximum precedence on Minecraft’s survival checklist. If you might be like me, your 1st base was most likely a haphazardly thrown-together oak block box with enough area for a mattress, crafting desk, and my blocky overall body to squeeze into. But Minecraft bases have come to be a lot a lot more than that, and builders have been experimenting with all kinds of amazing layouts like enormous underground lairs, epic treehouses, or grand stone fortresses. 

There have been plenty of breathtaking Minecraft builds, but 1 style that carries on to blow my brain are ocean bases. In short, the drinking water physics in Minecraft are really hard to grapple with. The way h2o flows and fills areas is really confusing and thinking about how the latest of a person h2o block is impacted by its four horizontal and vertical neighbours is headache-inducing.