5 Tips To Choose The Right Light For Your Swedish Kitchen

Dee Yonker
5 steps to creating a Scandinavian kitchen

Selecting the wrong shaped light fitting can severely affect the aesthetic of your space, just as one incorrect estimation can make all the difference in a recipe.

Here are some important pointers to remember.

  1. Windows.

The sheer amount of window panes is the very first thing that will strike anyone once they arrive in Stockholm or Copenhagen.

It’s gloomy when you wake up and dark when you get back to the house, especially during the winter.

Winters are long and can be quite harsh. Whenever there is light, it is important to make the most out of it.

This is possible with large windows and skylights which you can get online at MediaMarkt.

See Omdomesstalle.se for reviews on different Swedish companies where you can shop for house supplies.

Because there is no need to keep draughts out, heavy drapes are very seldom used.

All of the housing units are extremely well insulated, allowing you to leave windows wide open or hang fine linen or muslin for secrecy without obstructing the light.

That is, for the best lighting in your kitchen, you must first have adequate windows to allow natural light in.

  1. Colour of light.

The selection of a light colour has a significant impact on both the functionality and style of the kitchen.

The colour light varies from yellow to white. If the illumination is too yellow, the colour of the kitchen may be greatly distorted.

On the other hand, too much white light will end up making the kitchen seem so sterile, dull, and unaccommodating.

However, in terms of usability, it is also critical to select light sources that provide sufficient visibility for preparing food.

As previously stated, the best idea is to select light sources that are located someplace close to the middle of the lighting spectrum.

Illumination that is both white for increased visibility and warm for a cosy, comforting atmosphere.

To put it another way, avoid having kitchen light sources that are near the extremes of the illumination spectrum.

Grey has a red undertone that provides it with a warmth that complements the sky in Sweden.

  1. Brightness.

Lumens is the term that describes the brightness of a light source.

Lumens can be compared to outside brightness.

The lumens of a light source varies according to the type of bulb and the power rating, or electrical energy estimation.

The suggested lumens for kitchen brightness are around 7,000-8,000.

When trying to shop for light bulbs, match the wattage of the bulb to the recommended lumens.

Instead of a brilliant, light source, hanging a central light low over a dining room table or kitchen unit produces a much softer, light source.

Focus solely on specific areas of a room’s lighting instead of the entire room.

  1. Ambience.

It is frequently recommended that ambient lighting, mixing features and styling produce a particular temperature within any space.

Selecting recessed lights for direct lighting and directional designs with glass globes for more diffused lighting is also beneficial.

Suspension lights above the island, if you have one, offer relatively warm light sources in the kitchen.

The importance of light mixing cannot be overstated. Using only recessed lights would create a cold and heartless ambience.

Recessed lights, on the other hand, work very well with lighting options.

So, when attempting to create an ambience, keep the function in mind at all times.

It is recommended that you regard your kitchen as though it were a part of your lounge room to generate an ambience.

It would then blend in with the rest of the parts of the house.

  1. Lighting fixtures.

All ceiling lights should be set to a dimmer, which is particularly important with the energy-saving fluorescent lamps that are frequently used.

At maximum brightness, this bulb emits harsh light.

In Northern European countries, stand-alone illumination is often used in almost every house and apartment.

It casts a much more pleasing light all through the space.

Illumination is a characteristic, isn’t something to be hidden away at the end of the room or collecting dust in the corner of the living room, and floor lamps are perfect for this.

People are now gravitating toward the Large Bow Lamp, which is both modern and elegant while remaining functional, enabling you to experiment with focus and shade indefinitely.


With a near-absence of bright sunlight during the cold winter season, compared with sun-drenched summer season when the sun hardly even sets, the Swedes without a doubt know a thing or two about lighting.

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