Different types/categories of furniture that you can own in your luxury villa!

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Furniture is something that is very dear to the experience of being human. It is a sign of human intelligence, a sign that we can shape things to our desires. We have shaped metals; we have shaped dirt; wood also has been shaped by us. We have turned wood into furniture. And we value it. And then we bring it for the luxury villas. It gives home a soul. The interior designers and Building Architect in India work a lot around furniture. So, what are the different types of furniture that one can have to adorn their homes and villas?

The type of furniture depends on style, time, age, history, age, source, etc.

Different types or categories of furniture!

What do you mean when you say that this pen is antique? You usually mean that the pen that you hold is fairly old and thus is rare. You say this to tell that you have a rare item – and rarity is expensive. This was one example of how categories get formed in the field of furniture. When you get the service of interior designers in India, you usually get asked about the furniture type you’ll want. This furniture type also depends on the type of Architectural and Design Style you have opted for. If you have gone for Victorian-style architecture, the furniture will come from a different category.

So, what are the different categories of furniture?

Antique Furniture!

Antique furniture is the type which is at least 100 years old. Any furniture that has seen a complete century gets under the category of antiques. This furniture type rarely gets used for functionality but gets used as a piece of art or decor alone.

Because antiques are rare, they cost an expensive amount and are generally auctioned at a site. Antiques that are museum-quality cost even more because of their high quality and craftsmanship.


When we talk about any furniture that is old but not over a century old, we talk about collectibles. This type of furniture is rare again and is highly priced. You can get collectibles from a shop that trades in collectibles. However, know that you must know how to differ a collectible from a reproduction. Some people cunningly reproduce a copy of an old item and give it a rugged and aged look. This fools many people and they pay high for it.


When something is rare on its own, a copy gets reproduced generally to keep it somehow alive. These reproduced pieces either stay new or get a worn-out old feel. This makes it look like an antique piece. Reproduced pieces are generally labeled and get done after proper paperwork.


Now, not all reproduction pieces look the same as their old counterparts. Some reproduced pieces get modified depending upon the different demands. These pieces are generally used for functional purposes. Sometimes people show their love for different pieces of furniture but demand a change or two to bring them to use. These furniture pieces generally form the interior of any vintage architectural style.

Vintage Vibes!

The furniture which has aged over 25 years is generally called vintage piece. People generally go for vintage furniture because of some memory dear to them. It evokes in one a sense of nostalgia and a feeling of good old times. For example, you can use a cupboard that your mother used in the interior. Vintage furniture is generally refurbished and reupholstered.

Modern Classic!

The art philosophy that woke in the 20th century gave rise to the modern classic furniture. This type uses a blend of functionality and beauty to reach a stage that we call modern classic. It is still in trend and people use them with modifications here and there. Luxury homes and villas https://radvi.com/in/why-choose-us/– do usually come with modern classic furniture these days. If you hire a building architect, the style you choose must go with the furniture.


Sometimes we do not want a specific style but a style of our own. We all hold a thought of beauty in our head and want it to get manifested. This is what we call custom furniture. It can have a different fabric, wood, size, shape, form, color, height, etc. There could be a purpose behind having custom furniture. For example, someone might be disabled or there could be children in your home. Help from the top interior designers and building architect in India usually gets sought in reaching the desired state.


Sometimes a piece of furniture can serve two functions at the same time. For example, you can have a bed that also works as a sofa or vice versa. Or there could be a table that gets folded and used as a sleeping bench. These are all the great examples of multipurpose furniture. This furniture type helps in saving space and is used where space is limited. Furthermore, some minimal style architecture also uses this furniture type.


This is the furniture type that has pieces ready and is shipped. When the pieces arrive, the person assembles them and turns them into a piece of furniture. They are generally weak in strength because of the parts not properly glued.

Used or Second-hand furniture!

Not all the time we use new furniture. Sometimes we suffer from a financial crunch or sometimes we find a piece to be too good. This leads to buying of the furniture that has been already used. Vintage or Antiques do not fall in this category.

When buying second hand or used furniture, always make sure that they do not possess any danger.

New Furniture!

The furniture that comes freshly made is called new furniture. It does not hold any scratches. Depending upon the architectural style that you are having and the style that interior designers are using, the type of furniture takes a change. There is new furniture in the market that matches different design styles.

These are all the fair categories that furniture usually gets divided into. When you hire the top interior designers and building architect in India, they usually work a lot around furniture and its harmony with the different elements in the home. Luxury Villas that are pre-made usually come with furniture. If you are planning to buy a luxury villa, make sure you are dealing with a genuine real estate agent – https://radvi.com/in/why-choose-us/ has been in service for over 3 decades till. It helps in getting quality and safety together.

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